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Across Southern and Central


#1 Spanish Classified Marketing in the U.S.


For tracking traffic, calls and text response


Professional video shoot
Specific content unique to each client.
Professional high-resolution videos (1-1:30 min)
Editing and graphics
Captions in language of the video
Script guidance (outline and during shoot)
1 optimized cut for social media platform
(Facebook/Instagram/YouTube or Google My Business)
Not only do we create websites; we also do everything related to them. This includes everything from local SEO (search engine optimization) and Google My Business, to pay per click, social media, and more!
In addition to your traditional analytic reports, we also show you your leads in real time. We have the ability to record phone calls made to your business and keep you updated on each call.
My team of experts complete tasks right on schedule.


Read what some of our satisfied clients have to say.

I am very happy with the customer service and the quality of the service I have been provided by Rosalinda Medina. I recommend El Clasificado advertising to any business, no matter the size of your business.

-Pacific Division of Orkin a Rollins Company

Elvia Fernández, Director of Human Resources.

Rosalinda Medina reviewed all aspects of our advertising options and services that we may receive from her company. Rosalinda makes sure that it is always suitable for our business needs. We have constant meetings to measure our progress and make immediate changes to improve, so that the results are positive and effective. It is what has made us happy with your company.

Jannette Velazquez - Helping the Community

Montebello, CA - Active Since 2012

Hi Rosalinda. Thank you for your attention with the advertising of Facebook through El Clasificado! We have received the results you offered us, and we hope it continues to grow. Very good attention and service. We will surely continue working with you. Happy afternoon!

Owner-Brenda Lopez, Millenuim Latino Insurance

Los Angeles - Active Client March 2020

This is a very incredible way to increase our business and having a very dedicated representative like Rosalinda Medina guiding you step by step through out the process and making this experience a very easy going and practical one makes a world of difference. I am truly thankful for having someone like Rosalinda who is able to be there and understand your concerns and questions and really is completely dedicated to making this a successful experience by increasing my customer base.

Luis Quintanar

I have been working with Rosalinda less than a year. My ads is went from zero to 40K views in few months. Rosalinda and her team is the best tool to help any type of business are looking for viewers and help your sale increasing incredible. I highly suggest to contact her when you think about advertising

The QD Venue - Owner

Westminster, CA

The ad is just AMAZING!
The phone rings every minute and we just hear: “I saw your ad in the Clasificado, where can I get an application”
Plus people come in asking for a job application because they saw the ad! We got more than 100 applications the first week! Imagine that we put extra chairs in the lobby for the people filling out the applications!

Thank you!

Judith Hernandez - Human Resources

Working with Rosalinda at El Clasificado has been a seamless experience. She provides great service and is very knowledgeable. It has been a pleasure working with her on our campaigns.

Brittany HR Specialist at LAUSD

Very happy to work with Rosalinda at El Clasificado. Her ad planning is very professional and always helps my business thrive. Thanks again. And I know she's good at cooking. Hope to taste her cooking next time.

Jianfeng chen


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